Exciting News For Holy Land Military Rosary

The Holy Land Military Rosary is very happy to announce that we have now been made the OFFICIAL ROSARY for the Military Charitable outreach of the  Augustine Institute.   That means that our beautiful Rosary with its special Crucifix that is hand-carved and made of Olive Wood from the Holy Land, will be now be sent out to Military Chaplains and bases all over the World by them, completely free of charge, just as it has been done by Lighthouse Catholic Media, since 2015. Lighthouse Catholic Media has now merged with the Augustine Institute.  

The “Exciting News” part is that we will now be the only Rosary offered by them, free of charge, to our Military Chaplains and Bases all over the World.  They have made and executive decision to supply only our beautifully hand-Carved Olive Wood Crucifix, with its pewter Corpus, to the troops.  We are most grateful and humbled by this singular honor.

Our partnership with the wonderful Charity ServeHaiti  is a critical component of our Charity.  They transport our Crucifixes, beads and parachute cord to Haiti to be made and then bring back the completed Rosaries.   We also have several local Volunteers who make Rosaries as needed.

We are also presently seeking other interested Rosary groups to help us meet the growing demand. Please contact our Office Manager if you are interested in helping make these Rosaries to make sure the Augustine Institute is well stocked for the many requests they receive from all around the World.

As our wonderful representative from the Augustine InstituteJoseph Alger, put it so well, “These rosaries have a connection in not only fulfilling Our Lady’s request to pray the Rosary, but in fighting poverty in Haiti where the rosaries are assembled, and in Bethlehem where the Crucifixes are made by Christians!  The Holy Land Military Rosary project stretches from the Holy Land to Haiti and into the hands of out Military where Our Lady’s Mission of praying the Rosary to bring Peace to the World, will one day be achieved.”

We, of the Holy Land Military Rosary, as do most Catholics around the World believe that the Rosary is a powerful Weapon against the forces of evil everywhere, and one that belongs with all the other weapons that our Service Men and Women may need to carry and utilize.  It is a most notable time, since this is the 100th year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima who told the world that saying the Rosary faithfully is one of the main ways to acheive a real  and lasting Peace on earth.

It is important to note that 25% of our Military are Catholics.  Statistically, the Marines are a little higher.  However, our Rosaries are often requested by many Chaplains of other denominations, especially when they become aware that “Saying the Rosary” is synonymous with Meditating on the Life of Christ.

And so, to that end, we are humbly asking for donations to help us keep the Holy Land Military Rosary Mission able to meet the needs of the thousands of requests that pour into the Augustine Institute from Military Chaplains all around the World.  We are a 501c3 Organization, so all donations are Tax Deductible.

Our Board has made an ambitious Goal this year of supplying at least 7,000 Rosaries to the Military. And we believe that can be completely realized just by getting 200 generous people to commit to a simple $10/Month donation for a year.  We are going to call that our “200 Club,”  and as such, will be listed on our Corporate Donor Page.  We are happy to list you by your name if you so desire, but will equally honor all requests to remain Anonymous too.

Please send an email to me if you are interested in participating in this program, and please specify your interest in the Subject Line of your Email. Thank you for anything you can do to further this Mission.

My email is: katemayquinn1.HLMR@gmail.com.  

However, please also feel free to donate any amount that you wish to, and if you are unable to help in a financial way, we would still appreciate any and all prayers that you send our way.  Our greatest hope is that the Promises of Our Lady of Fatima will be realized and our poor War-Torn World will finally one day come to Peace.

And as St. Padre Pio always said, when he needed his Rosary, “Bring me my Weapon!”

 For as the Bible says, in Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”


May God Always Bless You Abundantly!





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