Great Story From Server Haiti Worker–Liz McDermott

10th February 2016

The Rosary Project

Our rosary makers share their stories of what it means to work with The Holy Land Military Rosary Project and ServeHAITI to produce the rosaries sent to our troops around the world.

As we gather on the terrace of the clinic, we watch Maccéne expertly train new team members on the process. Burning the ends of the strips, actually made of Parachute cord, threading the beads and ensuring a perfectly made rosary. The completed rosary brings a smile to the face of each trainee as they anxiously waited to begin.

We asked the rosary makers what it means to participate in this project. Each one shares a big smile to say they are so proud to work on the rosaries. They know well their friends in Iowa organize this project and make it possible for them to have steady work in the community.

They focus intently on counting and threading the beads, ensuring alignment of each bead on the parachute cord to make every rosary perfect. Maccéne has strict quality control and doesn’t hesitate to have the makers begin again if the rosary does not meet his high standards.

Earning $20 USD in Grand-Bois is a blessing for each maker. It means they can continue working, providing their family with food and clothing. Ms. Medor is grateful for the opportunity to make enough money to purchase 5 mamets ( about 10 cups) of bean seeds for planting this season. Ms. Elena will use her $20 USD to add to her savings to start a sewing business in Cornillon. Some will purchase rice to feed their families. Everyone has plans for how to spend their pay.

As we completed the interviews, more rosary makers joined us on the terrace. The air was buzzing with chatter and laughter, as they compare each rosary to make sure they receive Maccéne’s approval before they move onto the next one. After all, they are representing ServeHAITI whom they are very proud to have in the region and they know the rosaries will soon be in the hands of our soldiers around the world.

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