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                                               HOW TO ORDER  SUPPLIES

I’m glad to hear of your interest in these wonderful Rosaries, which are a source of great Blessings and Graces.  We informally call these the HLMRs (Rosaries), for Holy Land Military Rosaries.  The first thing is to order supplies.

1.  Beads: Item  6mm x 9 mm pony beads, black.  The cost is $3.50 per 1000 and will make 16 Rosaries.  VendorBolek’s Crafts, 330 Tuscarawas Ave   Dover, OH  44622, I normally call in orders at (800) 743-2723.

2. Parachute Cord: This tan cord is $23 per 1000 feet, which makes 226 Rosaries at about 56” per Rosary.  Vendor is CRS Inc, PO Box 395, Sellerville, PA 18960 or call in the orders at (888) 218-6366.  They should be able to ship a smaller amount of cord, but it’s good to think big.

3. Crucifixes:  The Holy Land olive wood cross, cost is $2.00@, Call Ghassan Sahouri, Our Holy Land representative: at (240) 527-1811. Each Rosary costs about $2.40 for the materials, and the long tradition with these Rosaries is to not sell them, though often individuals and groups will donate funds for the materials.  Most of the cost of the Rosary goes to support the Catholic families in the Holy Land.

Once you get a Rosary making group going, you can give these Rosaries to Confirmation students, Religious Ed students and their families, to support the Family Rosary.

Also, if you would like to donate some finished Rosaries to Catholic soldiers deployed overseas, the Augustine Institute will mail them  Catholic Chaplains in Iraq,  Afghanistan and all around the World.  Please contact our Office Manager, Kathleen Quinn at katemayquinn1.HLMR@gmail.com to get their Address.  We still have a hard time keeping them supplied!

Our Holy Land Military Rosary was just recently made the Official Military Rosary by the Augustine Institute.   We are very honored to have this distinction.  They are distributing our Rosary to Military bases all over the World.  They distribute them free of charge, as they do their many other catalogued materials.

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