Mission in Haiti

Click to see picture of our Rosary Makers in Haiti

In the last couple of years our Iowa parishes have made over a thousand Holy Land Military Rosaries. The olive wood crucifix for these Rosaries is purchased from the Catholic families living in Bethlehem, this being their sole means of livelihood.

These rosaries continue to be a great source of blessing as a prayer aid for parishioners of all ages, patients in hospitals and hospice wards, and military personnel.

I believe that the Holy Land Crucifix is a connection to Christ in the Garden of Olive and a reminder to us of the land where Jesus walked. For anyone praying the Rosary, I encourage you to ask the grace to ‘pray with the heart’—which involves the special grace of praying the Rosary while contemplating the Scriptures, with devotion and divine love. Also I believe that the Scripture from Isaiah 2:2 applies, which states that ‘Swords will be turned into plowshares…”, so my loose translation of this is, “Parachute cords will be turned into Rosary cords…”.

With our parishes having a sister parish in Haiti, we are building a ‘Rosary Factory’ in Haiti. An opportunity to begin this project came recently when Liz McDermott, the rep from ServeHaiti, recently visited Haiti. Here is her report after I gave her rosary supplies to take with her on her Haiti trip: Liz said she worked with the local chapter of the Vincent DePaul Society in Haiti to train workers there to assemble the Holy Land Military Rosary. The workers are paid a living wage for each Rosary made, and the Haitian workers were delighted to have some work in a country where the unemployment rate is about 70%.  Then the ServeHaiti volunteers brought back hundreds of finished Rosaries. The Rosaries and cases are then donated to  Catholic Chaplains in Afghanistan, Iraq, and to all other Military bases and Chaplains who request them.  Augustine Institute recently became our partner in this project and they are now assisting us in distributing the HLMR to Military bases around the world.  Our Rosaries are always distributed free of charge.

The HLMRs are also donated to Rosary groups in parishes to promote the praying of the family Rosary. Additionally, Rosary groups everywhere are encouraged to join us in making the Holy Land Rosaries and cases.   Instructions on how to make both, are on the pages following and marked with the appropriate tabs.  We will soon be adding a video on how to make them both, in order to supplement the written instructions.  They are an ideal project for CCD classes in Parishes, and then to either take the completed Rosaries home, or to donate them to Hospitals, Nursing Homes or Military Bases…whatever they may choose.

P.S. Our very accomplished seamstress has recently designed a cloth Rosary Case that goes with the Rosary. If you would  like a Complimentary Rosary case, please send your request with a self addressed envelope with 2 regular stamps to:

Holy Land Military Rosaries; %Father Kneemiller; 6701 Jersey Ridge Road; Davenport, IA  52807 (OR)  Holy Land Military Rosary; PO Box 352; Eldridge, Iowa 52748

    Please Note:  We will also be happy to add you to our regular mailing list for any new information or updates on the Holy Land Military Rosary project.

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