Make a Rosary Case

Doris, one of the faithful sewing ladies, is making a Rosary case from fabric remnants. The case measures 3 1/8″ x 3 5/16 “, and the length of the fabric is 8 3/4 “.  If you have a sewing group that can make cases for Military bases and Chaplains, and would like to see one of Doris’s cases, please send a self-addressed envelope with two stamps to Fr Bill for a complimentary case.  Mail to Holy Land Military Rosary, % Father Kneemiller, PO Box 97, Eldridge, IA, and specify your request for a complimentary Rosary case.

Sewing tip from Doris:  Upholstery or furniture fabric works great and often can be obtained from furniture stores when their samples become dated. Sew-on velcro is used to close the case and Doris adds a gold-threaded cross to the case.  She uses gold thread and a simple buttonhole stitch to create the cross.  This case is an attractive addition to the Holy Land Military Rosary Mission.

R. Rosary case sewing


Pattern for Case:


Download the pattern to print

Click here to access Video for pattern of ‘Muscatine Case’ instructions. It is a Case without Velcro>


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