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1. Holy Land Military Rosary



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2. Cut parachute cord 56 inches long and tape each end with masking tape, making the ends pointed so they will pass through the beads easily.



3. Measure 9-10 inches and make the first double knot by wrapping the long end of the cord around the index finger twice, making sure to keep the wraps parallel to one another and flat against your index finger. Do not allow the cords to twist.



4. Half way through the third wrap stop



5. Bring the cord through the two loops of the double knot over the top of your finger nail.



6. Gently slip the cord off your finger tip and you will have two loops that you will gently roll into a knot. Slowly pull the cord tight. Throughout the making of the rosary make sure your knots are in the correct position before pulling the cord tight.



7. Tighten down the double knot. If done correctly it will look like an equal sign = on one side and an x on the other.


8. Add ten beads or the first decade



9. Tie another double knot as illustrated previously. Leave the space of one bead so the beads can be moved slightly when praying the rosary.



10. Add one bead for an Our Father and then tie another double knot. Make sure that the double knots are tight against the Our Father beads. The Our Father beads should not be able to move at all so when the soldiers are praying in the dark they will know which beads are the Our Father beads.

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11. Add another ten beads for the second decade.

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12. Continue this pattern until you have 5 decades and 4 Our Fathers on the cord.


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13. The next step is to bring both ends of the cord together and slide one bead (the 5th Our Father bead) over both ends. Make sure and hold this bead tight against the end knots as the next step is completed to ensure that both ends of the rosary stay tight and even at this bead.

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15. The next step is to tie a triple knot. Work this step with the shorter of the two ends of the cord. The triple knot is tied by moving down from the 5th Our Father Bead and “anchoring” the cord, do this by wrapping the short cord around the long cord about ¾ of an inch from the 5th Our Father bead.

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16. Next wrap the short cord around the long cord 3 times as illustrated.

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17. Next move the short cord through the 3 loops moving down and away from the body of the rosary or towards the area where the crucifix will go.

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18. Work the loops slowly by pulling on the short cord until the 3 loops lie tight against the 5th Our Father bead. This will look like 3 very neat loops lying consecutively next to one another on one side and two on the other side. Be careful because as the tightening occurs the loops want to “leap frog” over one another and this will not give you an accurate triple knot.

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19. Keep rolling the 3 loops until they are lying as described in # 18.

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20. Once this triple knot is finished you no longer will use the short end of the cord.

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21. Next add 3 beads for Hail Mary beads and tie a double knot using the longer end of the cord. Next add a single bead for the last Our Father but do not tie a double knot.

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22. Next lie the crucifix face down on the table with the feet of Our Lord towards the body of the rosary and bring the long cord through the top making a loop as illustrated. The crucifix will turn over as you pull the cord through the top.


Ranger Rosary Instructions_Page_6_Image_0004


23. Next tie another triple knot this time “anchoring” by bringing the cord over the two pieces of the loop. This “anchor” is made tight against the final Our Father bead (rather than down from it 3/4 inches like the first triple knot).

Make 3 loops and proceed as illustrated in directions for the first triple knot. Finish this triple knot by moving the cord upward (towards heaven) through the 3 loops instead of downward (towards the crucifix) like in the first triple knot.

As you are doing this triple knot be sure to hold on to the loop of the cross so it does not twist.


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24. Cut off the remainder of the cords leaving enough cord to burn the parachute cord so the plastic cord ends will melt and leave two clean ends that do not obscure the beads.

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25. The final step is to burn the cords at the end of the triple knots.


26. Please have a quality control check on your rosaries prior to cutting and burning so any needed corrections can be easily made, once the cord ends are burned it is not possible to make corrections.

This is a Link to a Video on Making a Rosary that is Made by Ranger Rosaries:

(Our Rosary is made in the same way, except for our Crucifix being different.)


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