Exciting News For Holy Land Military Rosary

The Holy Land Military Rosary is very happy to announce that we have now been made the OFFICIAL ROSARY for the Military Charitable outreach of the  Augustine Institute.   That means that our beautiful Rosary with its special Crucifix that is hand-carved and made of Olive Wood from the Holy Land, will be now be sent out to Military Chaplains and bases all over the World by them, completely free of charge, just as it has been done by Lighthouse Catholic Media, since 2015. Lighthouse Catholic Media has now merged with the Augustine Institute.  

The “Exciting News” part is that we will now be the only Rosary offered by them, free of charge, to our Military Chaplains and Bases all over the World.  They have made and executive decision to supply only our beautifully hand-Carved Olive Wood Crucifix, with its pewter Corpus, to the troops.  We are most grateful and humbled by this singular honor.

Our partnership with the wonderful Charity ServeHaiti  is a critical component of our Charity.  They transport our Crucifixes, beads and parachute cord to Haiti to be made and then bring back the completed Rosaries.   We also have several local Volunteers who make Rosaries as needed.

We are also presently seeking other interested Rosary groups to help us meet the growing demand. Please contact our Office Manager if you are interested in helping make these Rosaries to make sure the Augustine Institute is well stocked for the many requests they receive from all around the World.

As our wonderful representative from the Augustine InstituteJoseph Alger, put it so well, “These rosaries have a connection in not only fulfilling Our Lady’s request to pray the Rosary, but in fighting poverty in Haiti where the rosaries are assembled, and in Bethlehem where the Crucifixes are made by Christians!  The Holy Land Military Rosary project stretches from the Holy Land to Haiti and into the hands of out Military where Our Lady’s Mission of praying the Rosary to bring Peace to the World, will one day be achieved.”

We, of the Holy Land Military Rosary, as do most Catholics around the World believe that the Rosary is a powerful Weapon against the forces of evil everywhere, and one that belongs with all the other weapons that our Service Men and Women may need to carry and utilize.  It is a most notable time, since this is the 100th year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima who told the world that saying the Rosary faithfully is one of the main ways to acheive a real  and lasting Peace on earth.

It is important to note that 25% of our Military are Catholics.  Statistically, the Marines are a little higher.  However, our Rosaries are often requested by many Chaplains of other denominations, especially when they become aware that “Saying the Rosary” is synonymous with Meditating on the Life of Christ.

And so, to that end, we are humbly asking for donations to help us keep the Holy Land Military Rosary Mission able to meet the needs of the thousands of requests that pour into the Augustine Institute from Military Chaplains all around the World.  We are a 501c3 Organization, so all donations are Tax Deductible.

Our Board has made an ambitious Goal this year of supplying at least 7,000 Rosaries to the Military. And we believe that can be completely realized just by getting 200 generous people to commit to a simple $10/Month donation for a year.  We are going to call that our “200 Club,”  and as such, will be listed on our Corporate Donor Page.  We are happy to list you by your name if you so desire, but will equally honor all requests to remain Anonymous too.

Please send an email to me if you are interested in participating in this program, and please specify your interest in the Subject Line of your Email. Thank you for anything you can do to further this Mission.

My email is: katemayquinn1.HLMR@gmail.com.  

However, please also feel free to donate any amount that you wish to, and if you are unable to help in a financial way, we would still appreciate any and all prayers that you send our way.  Our greatest hope is that the Promises of Our Lady of Fatima will be realized and our poor War-Torn World will finally one day come to Peace.

And as St. Padre Pio always said, when he needed his Rosary, “Bring me my Weapon!”

 For as the Bible says, in Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”


May God Always Bless You Abundantly!





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Pictures of Haitian Rosary Makers

IMG_3391 IMG_3390 IMG_3389 IMG_3388 IMG_3387 IMG_3386 IMG_3385 IMG_3383

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Great Stories From Haiti’s Rosary Makers

                                        Z is for Solidarity by Kim Snyder

( Field Operations Coordinator for ServeHAITI)

We chose Zoranje for the Rosary Project this summer as this is a very poor area of Grand-Bois, one without schools, access to fresh water, let alone jobs or steady income. Some say it is the mid-point between Port-Au-Prince and the clinic. You can see the poverty as you pass through the small village, yet feel the spirit of the people as you arrive.

At 6 am we loaded up the vehicle with the rosary supplies, groceries for a spaghetti lunch and a determination to make 1000 rosaries, while spreading a little love and hope for the day.

Forty-eight people were chosen by Maccéne Augustin and Luc Preserve to participate in the project. Long term volunteer Ellie Argo, first-timer Anna Fleming and myself had the distinct pleasure of working (and playing) alongside some pretty amazing men, women and children from Zoranje as they strung beads, tied knots and told us their stories.

After a beautiful prayer led by Brother Maccéne and with pen in hand, Alfred Gilbert assisted me in speaking with a few of the rosary makers to understand the impact the 20$ will have on their families.

Our first conversation was with Monclaisse Pierre, who thanked ServeHAITI and the Military Rosary Project and said for us to keep up the good work. He rightly told us, he wanted to invest the money in goats or chickens, because the money will multiply.

Mr. Ileus Dleurilus, who has lived in the community his whole life was thrilled to be selected for the project. When I asked him how many years, he said he didn’t know. Which means, he didn’t know his date of birth and perhaps never ever celebrated a birthday. My best guess was early 70’s. His $20 will go to school tuition for his son, the last of 8 children with his wife of many years! He had always worked in the sun, planting. I learned that a farmer is prosperous and a planter is not, at least not consistently. We hope this 20 dollars will change that for this sweet man. We loved how he waited for approval on his knots from Luc before moving forward.

One 22 year old really captured Ellie’s heart. They are the same age, but that is where the commonalities stopped. When I asked Ms. Magalie Maceus what her dreams were, she said it was to purchase a goat. Both her parents had passed away. She lived with her brother in their family hut and walked 5 hours on market day to sell beans at LaTwazon. She only completed 5th grade education and dreamed to purchase animals. We hope that 20 dollars will help her reach that dream.

The children were curious and wanted to watch the rosary project, yet Anna had a different idea. she polished nails, led the children in song of ABC’s and had them bursting in fits of laughter while doing cartwheels on the lawn of the Zoranje Church.

Magistrate Darius Soneilda joined us to visit her hometown and prepare a spaghetti lunch from the kitchen of her childhood home. She shared with me that Zoranje is considered one of the most impoverished areas in Grand Bois and she is motivated to represent as an advocate of the people.

We spoke of solidarity and ServeHAITI working to improve the lives of the people in Grand-Bois. She was immensely grateful for the Holy Land Military Rosary Project coming to her home town and to her people. She served each person participating in the project as well as their children their spaghetti and wished them to eat with joy and appetite.

If anyone doubts the the Holy Land Military project can make a difference, you need to witness the joy and hope that was alive on this day.

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Great Story From Server Haiti Worker–Liz McDermott

10th February 2016

The Rosary Project

Our rosary makers share their stories of what it means to work with The Holy Land Military Rosary Project and ServeHAITI to produce the rosaries sent to our troops around the world.

As we gather on the terrace of the clinic, we watch Maccéne expertly train new team members on the process. Burning the ends of the strips, actually made of Parachute cord, threading the beads and ensuring a perfectly made rosary. The completed rosary brings a smile to the face of each trainee as they anxiously waited to begin.

We asked the rosary makers what it means to participate in this project. Each one shares a big smile to say they are so proud to work on the rosaries. They know well their friends in Iowa organize this project and make it possible for them to have steady work in the community.

They focus intently on counting and threading the beads, ensuring alignment of each bead on the parachute cord to make every rosary perfect. Maccéne has strict quality control and doesn’t hesitate to have the makers begin again if the rosary does not meet his high standards.

Earning $20 USD in Grand-Bois is a blessing for each maker. It means they can continue working, providing their family with food and clothing. Ms. Medor is grateful for the opportunity to make enough money to purchase 5 mamets ( about 10 cups) of bean seeds for planting this season. Ms. Elena will use her $20 USD to add to her savings to start a sewing business in Cornillon. Some will purchase rice to feed their families. Everyone has plans for how to spend their pay.

As we completed the interviews, more rosary makers joined us on the terrace. The air was buzzing with chatter and laughter, as they compare each rosary to make sure they receive Maccéne’s approval before they move onto the next one. After all, they are representing ServeHAITI whom they are very proud to have in the region and they know the rosaries will soon be in the hands of our soldiers around the world.

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